To provide an accessible urban escape where you can indulge in relaxing nail and pampering services.


To become the go-to urban nail and pampering destination for anyone seeking to escape the busy pace of daily life.

With close to 70 destinations nationwide, Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa is the country’s leading destination for pampering services that allow you to feel like you’re taking a vacation.

At Nailaholics, we know that everyone deserves to be pampered. So we made sure that you have a place to go to when it gets a little bit too much. To that end, we make sure that you retreat to a place that’s designed to usher you to the gentle, wind-swept and ultra-chic Hamptons coast.

We pride ourselves for being accessible to you and being able to deliver exceptional service, allowing you to walk out of our salon feeling like you got more than what you came in for.

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